This project was an unusual project for our team and we were also very excited to be working with a new client, Portsmouth Diocese. 

The project involved the reconstruction of a collapsed, retaining wall, in close proximately to a listed church building, within the historic city of Winchester, Hampshire. 

At tender stage our project team invested heavily in the methodology, and how we would execute the project due to its location within a busy high street, tight access and the need to liaise with local businesses in regards to working hours, deliveries and construction. We worked closely with our client to eliminate the risks to ensure all parties were happy with the construction process. 

Site specific issues 

As with any proposed project in an area of cultural heritage it was very important to get the advice and guidance of the local conservation officer from a very early stage. This enabled us to overcome some of the potential issues highlighted at the start of the project. The extent of the excavations were increased to allow investigations into the structural integrity of the halls foundations, specialist contractors were required to stabilise and void fill the foundations. 

Pouring the concrete base and walls presented a logistical problem as we had insufficient access to get larger vehicles near to our works area. With clear consultation with the businesses adjacent we were able to pump the concrete from Jewry Street to site location some 60m away. We are pleased to say the project was a great success. 

Value: £220,000

Completion: September 2016