Sienna has been working alongside SSE upon various substation schemes. We are proud to say that this has now become a specialist area for our company. 

We delivered these works in two phases: 

Phase one incorporated the construction of a new brick house to accommodate the storage of existing equipment. 

Phase two involved all external works and finishing; including the construction of a new drainage system, pathways and amendments to surrounding roads to accommodate the new design. 

Works included 

  • Construction of new elevated brick building to house the new 33kv Switch room. 
  • Excavation of foundations for new switch room. 
  • Excavation of trenches for associated cables. 
  • Redecoration of walls and joinery throughout 

Site specific issues 

At Sienna we always take time to look at the design and offer our client alternative ideas, if we feel it could provide best value and overall performance of the final build. On this project we looked at the initial design ideas and we felt that the proposed method of encapsulating steelwork wasn’t the right approach. We approached SSE and were able to provide a safer alternative, this idea was taken on board by our client and will now be used as an example of safe methods of working amongst other projects and contractors. 

The site was also very challenging due to the excess surface water. To improve our direct labour installed a drainage system. 

Value: £1,000,000

Completion: December 2015